The following blog series has been graciously contributed by Chica Brava alumna, Olivia Patricia Simon. Thank you Olivia!

“My Soul has a Voice Part 2 of 3: My Way into the Ocean”

A gate made out of green trees, surrounded by the beauty of a seasonal flower scene. Driving in a pickup truck on a dried, sludgy, curvy road, up to a steep hill. Settled in my balance on the bumpy road. What are the waves like? This is every surfers question each day. Is it how the forecast predicted, or might it be different? The ocean and its waves are made by the power of nature. Unpredictable as our own path of life can flow. “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like,” Lao Tzu.

So… better take the moment as it is served to you and just rock the now. Sunscreen on. Be aware of the ozone and respect yourself, which includes the skin of course. I grab my leash and surfboard, so excited to finally dip into the water, and put wax on my board. Then, my favorite part. The walk into the ocean, focusing on the waves and melting within it.

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua. Photo: jairo_ramos_photo

The water gets deeper and deeper after every step and I feel a flow which continuously draws me in. Once I reach a certain level I grab my board and pull my body on top. The waves are falling towards me. The salt water touches my sun-kissed skin which somehow touches my soul. I fight myself through, above, or even underneath the surface of the water. This way out into the pacific makes me feel even more connected to the ocean. I feel one with the ocean.

I sit on my surfboard, out there floating on natural saltwater and breathe into my balance. I watch the horizon and enjoy the limitless freedom. I get in touch with my Higher Self, which guides me to a place of peace and ease. Being in balance reminds me that we are at our most powerful and productive selves when we return to a peaceful state of mind, so it is important to me to restore balance as soon as I can.

Playa Blanca, Nicaragua Photo: jerson_barboza_photo

– Olivia Patricia Simon