Surf Experience Levels

Level Up in Nicaragua

With 300+ days of offshore wind and un-crowded waves, nearly everyday is ideal for surfing in San Juan del Sur. For beginners and intermediates, there are three surf spots with gentle, rolling waves over a sandy bottom, perfect for learning and honing skills. For more experienced surfers seeking a challenge, there’s a variety of additional breaks that turn into epic playgrounds under the right conditions.

Within an hour of San Juan are five breaks along the Tola coast at our sister property, Playa Colorado. When you sprinkle in warm water, groomed waves, and empty beaches, you’ve got the makings of a world-class surfing destination.

Check out the list below to determine your current skill level and what we have to offer. We have the resources and expertise to accommodate all experience levels during the same surf retreat. 

Shatter your Comfort Zone


You’ve never surfed before, or you have some surfing experience but haven’t yet paddled out alone and caught or ridden a wave all the way to the end. That’s ok! That’s what we’re here for. This may be you if you’re completely new to surfing or if you’re able to stand up and surf in the white water, whether you’re getting a push or paddling into the waves yourself. At our Chica Brava, we’re here to support and guide you every step of the way, no matter your starting point.

Advanced Beginner

You can paddle out into the lineup in small conditions using techniques like turtle rolling or pushing up/over/through breaking waves. Once you’re out there, you’re able to catch waves and ride them straight to the beach or at an angle with confidence. 

Where We Come In

Our surf training program is designed to equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a confident and independent surfer. From water safety and surf etiquette to mastering essential techniques like the pop-up, paddling, and proper stance, we cover it all. Throughout your week with us, you’ll participate in daily surf theory sessions and receive valuable video feedback on your surf sessions. 

By the end of the program, our goal is for you to confidently paddle for, catch, and ride waves on your own. We want you to feel comfortable enough to rent or buy a board and paddle out to surf independently once you leave Chica Brava.

Friendship. Freedom. Fun.

Strong. Beautiful. Fearless.


You’re capable of confidently paddling out alone to a familiar surf spot and catching waves with ease. You can ride waves to completion, either frontside or backside, and trim along the wave face at an angle. Additionally, you’re proficient in attempting or confidently executing the three basic surfing turns: the bottom turn, top turn, and cutback. As an intermediate surfer, you are able to read the waves and determine whether to ride them right or left.

Where We Come In​

We’ll help you conquer the essential elements of “down-the-line” surfing: timing, angling, technique, and style. Our program offers daily surf theory sessions and provides video feedback from your surf sessions, giving you the tools to improve. Additionally, our onsite surf photographer is available to capture those memorable moments, whether you’re tucking into a wave or proudly completing a solid cut back. If you’re interested, we can even guide you through the transition to different sized boards. 


You can paddle out solo to a surf spot you’ve never ridden, assess the lineup, and catch and ride waves to your choice of finish, confidently using a full range of turns and maneuvers. As an advanced surfer, you have full knowledge about surf etiquette, types of breaks, conditions, and what board is best to ride in which conditions.

Where We Come In

Chica Brava offers specialty tours tailored for experienced surfers, taking you to a variety of world-class breaks reachable by 4×4 or boat. Get ready for an epic surfing experience as we explore heavy barreling beach breaks and waves peeling over pristine reef formations.

Since you’re already well-versed in surfing, our tours include expert guiding and minimal instruction, giving you more time to focus on charging the waves. In addition to daily surf theory sessions, we provide video feedback from your sessions, allowing you to see yourself surfing with confidence and authority. It’s all about maximizing your stoke and taking your surfing skills to the next level!

Courageous. Confident. Capable.


Private jungle villa 1,200 feet above San Juan del Sur


Private beach villa steps from the sand in Playa Colorado, Nicaragua


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