girl surfing on a wave in Nicaragua with cliffs in the background

We Are in the News Again!

On November 30th, Chica Brava was featured in the Houston Chronicle. We were front page of the Health section!  Joy Sewing met with Ashley, founder of Chica Brava, to discuss how Chica Brava started and how surfing is more than just a sport.  “There are so many parallels [between surfing and life]. Sometimes you have to learn when to push through and when to surrender.” Surfing is a humbling experience, every wave, break, and board are different. One day you could be completely satisfied, and the next you could be leaving hungry for more waves.

Also interviewed was our three time alumni of the camp, Shirley Mendoza, who says it best, “Surfing makes me happy.”

Get happy here at Chica Brava and experience a life changing week! Here is the link to the Houston Chronicle’s website.