The difference in Surfboards

Longboard, shortboard, single-fin, thruster! What’s the difference and why do we use them? There are many different shapes, sizes, and weights of surfboards, but they all fall into one category or another. At Chica Brava, we have a large and diverse quiver for all skill levels and abilities. Here are a few examples of different types of boards. 


This is the type of board beginners start on. Typically it is longer than 8’, with a curved nose/tail, and very wide for maximum stability. While cumbersome because of their size, the longboard will provide you with maximum wave riding time when you’re just starting out. 


This is a smaller and more maneuverable version of the longboard. Typically 6’10-8’ in size, the funboard is less stable but will be easier to turn as your surfing progresses. This is a great board to use if you are interested in stepping down to a shortboard in the future.


Another unique type of surfboard is the fish. The fish is a small and wide board, kind of like a cross between a funboard and a shortboard (described below). Fish can be very fun to use on smaller days and are a great next step down from a funboard on your way to a shorter board.


Last in the line of progression are shortboards. This board is the most common type of surfboard used. It is highly maneuverable and used to make quick movements and turns on waves. 


Yet another type of surfboard are step-ups. This, as the name states, is a “stepped-up” version of your shortboard, slightly longer and drawn out in size, for use on larger waves that is what you’d normally use your shortboard for.


If you plan on riding big waves get yourself acquainted with guns. This is an even bigger stepped-up version of your shortboard, much longer and drawn out in size. The gun is used for big wave riding in locations such as Hawaii.

Stand Up Paddle Board

To round out the quiver, we have SUPs. Newest to the family of surfing vehicles, the Stand Up Paddle board is becoming popular as a new way to exercise and ride waves on the smaller days.

Come to Chica Brava and check out our quiver!