San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

Chica Brava is principally located in the charming little town of San Juan del Sur on the southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, approximately 2 hours from the capital city of Managua and only 30 minutes north of the border with Costa Rica.

Nicaragua is in Central America and is bordered by Costa Rica to the south and Honduras to the north. It is the largest country in Central America and only slightly larger than the state of New York. The country is home to two large lakes, Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua, and countless volcanoes. Nicaragua derives its name from the chief of the area’s leading Indian tribe at the time of the Spanish Conquest.

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Once known primarily as a ‘fishing village’, San Juan del Sur is now on the map for it’s fabulous beaches, adventure attractions, delicious food, nightlife and of course, surfing! Another claim to fame is that the 29th season of Survivor was filmed there. With the Pacific ocean to the West, picturesque mountains of Costa Rica in the distance, and humble mountains and not-so-humble volcanoes to the East, San Juan is the type of place that anyone, from near or far, can find something to fall in love with. The kind, hospitable nature that Nicaragua is known for is found in any of the little shops and restaurants that line the three block grid that constitutes the town’s center. Indeed, it is the joyful nature of the town’s community that makes San Juan that special type of town where no matter where you are coming from, you feel at home as soon as you arrive.

The Charm of San Juan Del Sur

In San Juan Del Sur you can look forward to plenty of surfing action without loosing that small town local feel. Things like coconut water for sale out of mobile street carts, bartenders that recognize you after only two visits, fresh fruits and homemade tortillas to ice cold gelato, sunsets that never get old, and children playing volleyball in the streets are just a few of the quaint and exciting things that make up a day in San Juan. With rich history behind it, and a bright future ahead, San Juan del Sur is quite possibly one of the loveliest towns in all of Central America. For the visitor to San Juan there is usually one of two destinies….either you too will someday call it home or you will keep coming back!

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