Nicaragua Surf Seasons: When should you come?

Anytime of year is great time to visit, both surf-wise and weather-wise, except for the peak of the rainy season in October.

Surfing Wise

For beginners, advanced beginners, and early intermediates, all year-round is good, as even when the surf is bigger, we are able to stay south where the coast is shielded and get you riding the “green” part of the wave in smaller waist high conditions. Please note that the water gets coldest, the wind gets strongest, and the waves are smallest in January and February.

Experienced surfers

For advanced intermediates and advanced surfers, we recommend visiting during the months of March through November, because, like most of Central America, Nicaragua is a “south swell spot”, meaning we rely on swells generated by winter storms in the southern hemisphere which occur from March-November. It’s during this time we receive the largest, most consistent swells and is considered the best time to surf in Nicaragua Wave heights during this time can range from shoulder (4 ft.) to double overhead or more (12+ ft.). January and February are the smallest months of the year and not ideal time to visit for experienced surfers.

Weather in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has two distinct seasons: the green (or “rainy”) season and the dry season. The green season runs from mid-May to November (which coincides with some of the best surfing months). Unique to our area in Southern Nicaragua, during these months we usually only get a light nightly rain, enough to make things beautifully lush and green. The only exception is the month of October when the rains can sometimes get heavier and last through the daytime. Although that’s not the case every year, we close the camp for the month of October to be safe and also to give our staff some well deserved R&R! The dry season is from December- April. Early in the dry season, light showers are not uncommon and the scenery is still lush and green. As the dry season progresses, the jungle dries out, turning brown, with almost no rain for 4-5 months, and from Jan-March, the offshore winds get stronger and the water gets colder.

See the chart below for average air and water temperatures in Nicaragua year round:

When you are ready to surf in Nicaragua, let us host you and show you around some of the best surfing in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua. Whether novice or expert, whatever time of year you plan your trip, Chica Brava will help create an experience you will never forget.

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